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Project 15-2021-22

Project Name:
Institute for Indian Mother and Child (IIMC) (RAOAF)


IIMC is a grassroots Non-Government, Non-profit Organisation working in the rural areas south of Kolkata, West Bengal, India. It works with women and children with an aim to empowerment through provision of skills/opportunities such as education (often via child sponsorship), microcredit program, health worker training and medical clinics, women's cooperatives and women's peace councils. IIMC, in cooperation with international financial support, has built numerous schools, IIMC runs 5 rural health outreach clinics whose main focus is primary health care and other developmental opportunities such as schooling and microcredit.

Sponsor Club:
Rotary Club of Freshwater Bay (District 9455)

Tax Deductibility:
Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Managed by RAWCS) has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.