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Project 20-2020-21

Project Name:
Upgrade Emergency Evacuation Centre Facilities - Bega Valley Shire (RABS)


During the 2019/20 bushfires facilities at Bega Showground, the primary emergency evacuation centre for Bega and surrounds, were found to be inadequate and outdated to cope with the number of evacuees and the duration of their stay. Additional portable toilet and shower facilities were not ideal and difficult to clean and linked to an outbreak of digestive illness which required they be deep cleaned late at night. The primary purpose of this project is to replace the standalone amenities block at the Bega Showground with a larger capacity, modern, easy to clean facility which will have better disabled access and provide some laundry facilities which do not currently exist. Any additional funds donated will go towards improvement of emergency evacuation facilities at Eden.

Sponsor Club:
Rotary Club of Bega (District 9705)

Tax Deductibility:
Rotary Australia Benevolent Society (Managed by RAWCS) has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.