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Project 27-2020-21

Project Name:
Urgent Food Relief for Cambodians (RAOAF)


Supporting the Rotary Club of Phnom Penh with funding and personnel when able, to support 100 families in 4 villages facing starvation due to the Covid 19 pandemic. These people are facing starvation after five months without income support because family members working in the tourism and garment industries in Phnom Penh and Seim Reap have been stood down from work, due to the lack of tourists and the immediate closure of the garment and clothing industries through lack of trade from overseas. The Club works closely with the commune chief to identify the families most in need.

Sponsor Club:
Rotary Club of Bendigo South (District 9800)

Tax Deductibility:
Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Managed by RAWCS) has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.