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Project 83-2013-14

Project Name:
Cradle of Love Baby Home, Arusha, Tanzania

Tanzania, United Republic Of

Cradle of Love Baby Home began in 2003 and has no government funding and is solely dependent on donations. It is a facility that cares for babies who have been abandoned, those whose mother has died in childbirth, those with AIDS /HIV and those seriously endangered. Ages range from 2 weeks to 5 years of age. It can take up to 35 babies depending on staffing. In time the babies are either returned to a family member or put up for adoption. Donations are used for baby formula, vegetables, meat, milk, washing powder, clothing, nappies, bedding, towels etc.

Sponsor Club:
Rotary Club of Erina (District 9685)

Tax Deductibility:
Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Managed by RAWCS) has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.