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Project 92-2020-21

Project Name:
Education & Community Resources for Timor-Leste - (RAOAF)


On 4 April 2021, cyclone Seroja caused extensive floods in Dili and elsewhere around the country destroying much in the way of teaching resources and electronic equipment within non-government run clinics and schools in Timor Leste. The purpose of this project is the shipping of a container/s to provide replacement and additional medical and educational resources to these groups which were badly affected by the Easter flooding and Covid lockdown.

Sponsor Club:
Rotary Club of Burleigh Heads (District 9640)

Tax Deductibility:
Rotary Australia Overseas Aid Fund (Managed by RAWCS) has Deductible Gift Recipient (DGR) registration and has been listed as a Charitable Fund so we can accept tax deductible donations from individuals or organisations.